How To Become a Student in the United States

Course Process

Moving to another country is a challenging process. It is not only hard to deal with paperwork and visas but a foreign culture, absence of friends and family may lead to depression. Main advice – don’t leave new country for the first six months as they are the toughest. After adjustment period situation should improve and you may feel more comfortable and proud of your recent accomplishments.

Now, let’s talk about the reasons you wish to move to another country. Write it down in your journal. Yes, writing in a journal regularly will help you throughout the entire experience.

Write down your goals whether it’s getting education and coming back home to improve your own state or to become a citizen of another country.

Be open to new experiences as they are coming your way. Things you will need to think of before becoming “an international student” (that’s what you’ll be called in another country):

  • School (“‘school” means university or college; it has a larger meaning than high school)
  • Funds (tuition and fees)
  • Translation of documents (grades, birth certificate, driver’s license)
  • Living situation
  • Health Insurance
  • How to earn additional income
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